Use your mobile device to attract nearby customers with self-managed last-minute deals.

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No contracts or sign-up fees. Simply download the app and create your account to get started.

About M-Pulse Merchant

The M-Pulse Merchant app helps you attract nearby customers by offering last-minute specials and promotions directly to M-Pulse app users.

No Contracts

No contracts or sign-up costs involved, simply use the app on-demand.

Boost Quite Times

Use the app to fill quite business hours, fill cancellations or simply to promote your business.

Full Control

Enjoy full control over your deals, including what is offered, when it is valid and at what quantity.



Available for businesses in Food & Drink, Activities, Health & Beauty and Accommodation.

Food & Drink

Restaurants, bars, biltong shops, clubs etc.


Events, shows, extreme sports, cooking classes, hikes etc.

Health & Beauty

Salons, spas, fitness classes, massage parlours etc.


Guest houses, hotels, weekend getaways, vacations etc.


  • Are there any contracts or sign-up costs involved?
    There are no contracts or sign-up costs, we simply charge a small commission per deal sold. You use the app whenever you like.
  • How are deals redeemed?
    A customer will present a digital receipt on arrival at your place of business.
  • How do I verify a customer as the purchaser of a deal?
    A customer will present an in-app receipt containing the details of the purchase. This will also contain the customer’s name as well as a reference number which you can validate against the details on your Merchant app.
  • How do payments work?
    You will receive payment on a daily basis for sales made on the previous day's deals.
  • Which business types can sign up on M-Pulse?
    Our categories include Food & Drink, Activities, Health & Beauty and Accommodation.
  • What happens if a customer is late?
    The deal will only be valid for the time you specified, thus if a customer is late, the deal is void. You are, of course, allowed to accommodate the customer if you wish to do so.
  • Will I be notified before a deal goes LIVE?
    You will receive a push-notification via the app 15 minutes before a deal goes LIVE on M-Pulse. This will give you time to make changes to the deal, or to reschedule if needed.
  • What is the difference between LIVE, ACTIVE and INACTIVE?
    LIVE: The deal is currently visible to users on M-Pulse.
    ACTIVE: The deal is scheduled to go LIVE at some time in the future.
    INACTIVE: The deal is not scheduled to go LIVE.
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